Absolute Meaning – Nobody cares


Just some random thoughts about the old, quite honestly, boring, argument, that for every atheist, life has to be completely meaningless and if we (the atheists) were clever enough to realize this, we would die out of despair (yeah, sure)… This goes into the same direction as my previous posting „Absolute Morality„, but has some merit of its own…



Famous Christians: Adolf Hitler


Honestly, this is mainly a posting that I’m writing so that I can later point to it, because somehow Christians often try to play the „Atheism must be bad, because Hitler was an atheist“ card, an argument sometimes called Reductio ad Hitlerum. Guess what: He was catholic. He was a Christian. There is no denying that, as he wrote into his heinous „Mein Kampf“, that he did what he did because he believed to do god’s will. So, dear believers, mentioning Hitler is effectively shooting your own leg of. So, don’t.

Sometimes, people (ok, Christians) want to cherry-pick, telling me that Adolf Hitler was no „true“ Christian. Sorry, you don’t get to use that „Get out of Jail free“ card, see the „no true Scotsman“ fallacy. Or, for example, someone wanted to explain that as Hitler was member of the Thule Society (a claim that’s not even proven, it’s not really sure how much Hitler had to do with them) and could not have been Christian. Bad luck here, he still was. He could have been a member of stamp collectors anonymous and still be a Christian. You don’t get to decide who is a Christian, simple as that. If someone was baptized, claimed to be a Christian and was accepted as a Christian by the church, he is Christian. End of Story.

Ok, now I got this out of my system, I want to add something more positive: I do not think that Hitler did what he did because he was Christian. He was a crazy sociopath, no doubt about that, and people like him need no reason, only sometimes an excuse. Someone like Hitler would probably have found a way to be horrible even if he was an Jainist. The only thing we can learn from this is, that religion is no guarantee to make someone a good person. People can be bad and people can be good – religion doesn’t change that.

(But, of course, a little detail: More than 1000 years of church sanctioned hatred of Jews in europa surely did prepare the way for the horrible things that happened in the 3rd Reich. Even Lutherans have to be ashamed here, as Luther himself was a strict anti-semit, demanding that all synagogues and Jewish houses should be burned.)

Atheism and the burden of proof


The burden of proof, one of the favorite topics of both atheists and believers, with each side claiming that the burden lies with the other one. It may not be suprising what my opinion is, but let me try to make it clear and also explain a problem I see quite often in discussions about this topic .If you still disagree after reading this, you can, of course, voice that opinion in the comments…


Play nice in the face of tragedy


Again, a crazy guy shot innocent people, children even. So let me make one thing clear: You don’t do your cause any favor if you try to use this tragedy for it. If you’re a christian, don’t blame atheists because they „forbid“ god in schools – it’s nonsense and makes you look like a moron. And if you’re an atheist, don’t ask where god was. This is not the right place and not the right time. Support the people who still suffer, the people who lost their loved ones, etc. – but please stop that bickering here. It doesn’t help your cause. The only outcome is, that you look like a monster who doesn’t care about such things, one who only wants to profit from it. So, don’t. Please.

Searching: Jokes about atheists…


Just a short thing I notice sometimes: It is quite easy to make jokes about religions – ridiculous easy, because religions are have many facets that are likely to provoke laughter when thinking about them, especially if you’re not a member of this specific religion. And I know many religious people who can laugh about their religion – not all of them are like Jorge of Burgos.

But, and that’s my point: I don’t know any really good jokes about atheists. Is it, because the only thing that atheists do is not to believe in god, which makes it hard to joke about them? Of course, we all know the lame jokes, that are just a variant of „and the atheist was wrong, god exists, bla bla bla“, but really creative ones? I don’t know any. But I would like to know. Honestly, give me good jokes about atheists and I’m the first one to tell them – to other atheists and believers alike. I don’t mind if someone laughs about me – and I also like to laugh about myself, just to remember myself, that I shouldn’t take anything – including myself – too seriously.

So, if you have good atheists jokes… Please, share them. Thanks.

Holidays are not a gift…


I wanted to write about holidays for a while, but now a little girl has given me a good excuse to do so… Somehow, Christian seem to think strangely about holidays. They seem to think, that today holidays are a kind of „gift“ from their religion to mankind, unheard of before and of course sacred. Here in Germany, we even have the so called „Quiet holidays“ in which dancing, for example, is forbidden (especially on good friday). Two reasons to talk about holidays…