Holidays are not a gift…

I wanted to write about holidays for a while, but now a little girl has given me a good excuse to do so… Somehow, Christian seem to think strangely about holidays. They seem to think, that today holidays are a kind of „gift“ from their religion to mankind, unheard of before and of course sacred. Here in Germany, we even have the so called „Quiet holidays“ in which dancing, for example, is forbidden (especially on good friday). Two reasons to talk about holidays…

First of all: No, neither the Jews nor the Christians invented holidays. „Holy days“ are part of all religions – or do you think, that the Babylonians only worshiped their gods in the evening, after a long day of work? Of course not. Ok, you might say, but what about the sabbath? Surely the Jews invented that, because they wanted people to have a day of? Nope, wrong again, the old Babylonians again, they already had such a days. So, no, nothing new here.

Ok, another idea that is often brought up by Christians is, that atheist should work on Christmas, for example, otherwise they would by hypocrites or something. Well, that’s of course wrong on so many levels…

I wouldn’t mind working on the Christian holidays. It would, of course, mean, that I would get more money, as my current salary is of course calculated on the basis that I have all the holidays off. So if I work on x holidays, I get more money, x times my daily salary, of course. Or I could take other days of and keep my current salary, for the same reason. The main reason why I will take off on Christmas this year is easy: Here in Germany, holidays are officially work-free, shops stay closed, etc. – so I don’t have a choice. My better half is not so lucky, in her job, these rules don’t apply. And why do I take the days after Christmas off? Pretty simple: Most of our customers (which means, other companies) don’t work then, so there’s not much to do and it makes more sense to take some days off during a quiet period of time. And of course: I can take off whenever I want. If I decide to do on Christmas, I do so, because it’s convenient and not because Christianity miraculously pays my employer for it.

And of course, taking a day of on Christmas doesn’t mean „celebrating it“. If you have a day off during Ramadan, do you „celebrate“ Ramadan? No, of course not. It’s typical for Christian arrogance to claim a day and annoy everyone else about it. Be happy that your invisible friend was not born on this day but you decided to make-belief he was but don’t accuse other people as hypocrites just because they take the day off without believing in your invisible friend.

So, Christians, no, Christmas is not some kind of gift that atheists take for themselves undeservedly. It is simply another holiday, which means either it’s in your working contract or not. It’s not that Christianity forces all employers to give all people off then. It’s not your personal achievement. Oh, and atheists don’t like Christmas because they get gifts. Unlike for children, Christmas doesn’t mean profit for adult people. Most adult people give as much as they receive, only children can except to get many great things and only have to give paintings of purely sentimental value. And most atheists are, surprisingly, working adults, who, if giving gifts on Christmas, don’t make a profit out of it.

And, on the other hand, forcing people not to dance on Christian holidays is a sign that the church here still lives in the middle ages, where they were able to tell everyone what to do. But nowadays, it’s just a relict of bad days and should be abandoned as soon as possible, because Christan tyranny is not longer welcome in a modern society. If you want to celebrate your holiday quietly, do so, but don’t expect non Christians in another part of the town to do so, too.


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