Self-Centered believers…


It’s happened again. Again I read a statement from someone who thinks god took the time to personally save him by giving him something. In this case, it’s a musician, who wants to thank god for giving his band more gigs, etc. to pull through a difficult time. Honestly? While I am glad that his life has improved, I cannot understand why anyone would want to believe that and still think of god as „good“.

I mean, let’s face it: If there was a god who had time to give a gig to some musicians – or, to take another example, help a football player score his goals – why does this god obviously not care when thousands or people die? Starving during a famine, killed in a war or slowly wasting away by some plague, all of these things mean nothing to this god, but if some musician has a bad time, he jumps to action, like a priority-challenged superman. What? Thousands in danger? Don’t care, have to help this musician!

And then believers tend to call atheists „arrogant“. They believe that god will sprint from whatever he’s not doing at the moment to help them in their small, comparatively unimportant problems while ignoring the big ones. I only see two conclusions here: Either god is not good or god does not exist. And, yes, „God works in mysterious ways“ is the same as „God is not good“ here. Letting people starve when you could prevent it, is not good. End of story. No excuse accepted.

Oh, and helping a football player scoring goals would be cheating. Bad god. But perhaps he has some bets going…?