I hate cowards…

People who post on their blogs and close the comments, because they know, deep down, that their world-view is bullshit. Like this… So, let me answer it here…

Gavity is invisible, but it can be MEASURED. It’s effect is there and CAN be predicted. Can you do that with your god? Nope, because it works „in mysterious ways“, so everything is nothing is possible. So I prefer accepting the existence of gravity and stay on the ground instead of believing in a god who will catch me if I jump of the cliff – because it won’t.

Love is a feeling. If you want to reduce your god to a feeling in your brain, feel free. If your god is only inside your brain, then I’ll believe you, THAT god does exist – inside your brain. It didn’t create the world but was created by you, of course.

And again someone didn’t understand what atheism is: If’s simply to NOT believe in ANY gods. It’s not about being able to disprove the existence of a specific god. Why should we? As long as there is no proof for a god, there is no reason to believe in him. Simple enough. I don’t need to look behind every stone to not believe in fairies. And of course, no Christian can claim to have looked EVERYWHERE for Thor, Zeus or Vishnu. So, technically, if you think that logic makes sense, you must belive in ALL GODS.

I won’t go into the while „bible fullfilled prophecies“ crap, because, honestly, it’s boring. No, there is NOT ONE prophecy in the bible that was fullfilled. There are only many passages that have been interpreted RETROACTIVLY as pointing to this and that event. But that’s cheating. It’s a cheap trick, the same thing astrologers do: „Of course, this has happend, because the planet bullshit was in the constellation of total crap.“ But they cannot say that BEFORE the event happens. Same thing with the bible: You can’t use it to predict anything, because it doesn’t. You can only search for events that might fight into some vague passages and then claim, that THIS proves good. But there’s a simpler word for that: BULLSHIT.

3 Kommentare zu “I hate cowards…

  1. Hi there!
    While I am a Buddhist, I do not deny the existence of any gods. I may not actively believe in one, but I just personally see the point in arguing the same thing over and over again with some religious people.
    I am curious. You clearly are an atheist, but do you resent people who believe in a god? If so, why?

    Actually I just came by to thank you for reading and commenting on my blog. So thank you. Hope you have a good day.

    • To answer your question: Generally? No. Honestly, I neither have the time and energy to do that. And of course, many of my friends are believers (but, honestly, quite liberal ones). So, no, I don’t resent all of them. Of course, honestly, „liberal christian“ almost always means that they don’t take the whole thing seriously, they believe in some kind of cherry-picked, nice god who will, in the end, be nice to everyone. So I can’t take their belief quite seriously, but that doesn’t mean that I resent (or even dislike) the person. We’re all human and I am sure as hell not perfect, so I see the religious part of them as a little flaw, but nothing to take serious.

      But of course, there ARE people, who I resent. Not all of them are believers (or, more specifically, I don’t resent all of them because of their believe). For example, if your belief leads you to hating homosexuals, to deny them rights, etc. – I really don’t like you. If you think homosexuality is a sin, ok, don’t do it, but don’t try to make other people feel miserable for it. If you use your belief as a reason to influence politics and try to force your religious views on everyone, I really don’t like you. If your belief is the reason why you insult other people by claiming they have no morality: I really don’t like you. If you use your religion to justify killing other people – I really hate you. If you use your religion to justify keeping your wife as a virtual slave without rights – I really hate you. And so on.

      So, no, if your religion is your private thing and you keep if to yourself: Have fun. I really wish you happiness. I don’t think you’re right, but that’s ok. If, on the other hand, your belief makes you act like a total prick, chances are good that I don’t like you at all.

      And thanks for commenting…

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