How do you know god is nice?


As I have written about a few days ago, we cannot really define „good“ in the context of an omnipotent god. But can we at least make sure that he’s benevolent torwards us (if we assume he exists)? Weiterlesen


Just a little something…


…I just remembered…

He (Jesus) straightened up, and said to them, „He who is without sin among you, let him be the first to throw a stone at her.“


He turned around and said: „Mother. That was so NOT funny.“

Is absolute morality good?


Often in discussions with believers, we hear, that atheists lack any morality (false), because without a god, there isn’t any absolute being that defines absolute morality (true). But of course, instead of simply pointing out (again and again) that the lack of an absolute moral does not mean that we cannot find good (but not absolute) morality systems of our own, we can try to see where this „absolute morality“ thing leads us…