MongoDB for Java Developers

Another MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) I am taking at the moment is „MongoDB for Java Developers„, which is presented by 10gen, the people who make the MongoDB and provide services for it (the typical Open Source business model). What is the MongoDB? It’s a NoSql Database, a non-relational database, wich stores data as (almost) JSON documents. As even bigger companies like Ebay and MTV use it and I already had some experience with relational databases, I was interested at taking a look at another database concept…

We are now in week 2 and it looks quite promising. Week 1 was pretty basic, mainly installing the whole thing with the homework intended to check that your setup works correctly. Fortunately, I already had some experience with Maven, so it was no problem getting the code to run. Of course, as the course is called „…for Java Developers“, you should already be familiar with Java – otherwise you’re really out of luck. Some experience with relation databases also helps to get some basic concepts right, even if the MongoDB connector is no JDBC driver, so you can’t use it like one.

The lessons are structured ok, the videos are understandable, the quizzes doable (sometimes there seems to be a little bit trouble with the result parser, but as the quizzes are not graded, this shouldn’t be a problem), as is the homework. You have to invest some time, but not overwhelmingly so. 2-3 hours should be enough to get the homework done, more if you experiment a little bit to get more fluent. If the difficulty doesn’t get much higher, then it should be no problem to get 65%+ to make the course and you’ll get some first experience with MongoDB. If the course stays this nice, I intend to take the next course – „MongoDB for DBAs“ – too, even if I don’t see a chance to use MongoDB in my work (or private coding) anytime soon. It’s simply something nice to learn and keep your brain open for new concepts.

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