…just another mutant, roaming through the dark, godless wasteland called „earth“… Atheist (ex-catholic), software developer, sceptic, german, part-time weirdo (the rest of the time I’m just plain strange)


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  1. Your blog is very creative! That’s cool that you’re a software developer. Wish I understood computers better, so I could repair my own when it goes bust on me. p.s. I think we’re all part-time weirdos…or just you and me. Haha! xD

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  3. Dear Atomic Mutant,

    Seems like you have dedicated your blog to atheism. I am also a software engineer. Just as computers are wonderful creations, so also you and I are – except much more wonderful and complex and beautiful creation. It points to someone who is intelligent. From microscopic to telescopic, there is structure and beauty and pattern to the created world! How did this come from? From a God who loves you and me. I just prayed a prayer for you that you can come to know God. If you haven’t yet experienced the existence of God, that should not make you an atheist. If you are a good scientist, you will have to prove his non-existence, not just non-observance to arrive at atheism as a logical state of mind.

    God bless you, brother. Keep looking!


    • You fell into an old trap. WHY does a computer point to someone who is intelligent? Because we compare it to the things that seem „natural“. We compare a computer to, let’s say, a rock, a house to a cave, etc.etc. and say „Ah, ok, that’s what happens naturally, so that computer/house/pizza/whatever must be created by someone (more or less) intelligent.“. So, your idea doesn’t make any sense, because concluding from things we see as created by comparing them to things we didn’t, that these things, too, were created, is simply nonsense.

      And, sorry to be so brutally honest, but you are obviously not a scientist, because no scientist would utter such complete bullshit. Do you prove the non-existence of fairies and magic? The non-existence of Thor, Zeus, Vishnu, etc.? Don’t be a fool. You can’t disprove things that are not falsifiable – but of course, that doesn’t make them likely. As I mentioned elsewhere, every idiot can invent thousands of non falsifiable things (which includes me), but none of them has to exist.

      And, so we have found another evidence for why being an engineer doesn’t make you a philosopher or scientist.

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