MongoDB for Java Developers


Another MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) I am taking at the moment is „MongoDB for Java Developers„, which is presented by 10gen, the people who make the MongoDB and provide services for it (the typical Open Source business model). What is the MongoDB? It’s a NoSql Database, a non-relational database, wich stores data as (almost) JSON documents. As even bigger companies like Ebay and MTV use it and I already had some experience with relational databases, I was interested at taking a look at another database concept…


Is absolute morality good?


Often in discussions with believers, we hear, that atheists lack any morality (false), because without a god, there isn’t any absolute being that defines absolute morality (true). But of course, instead of simply pointing out (again and again) that the lack of an absolute moral does not mean that we cannot find good (but not absolute) morality systems of our own, we can try to see where this „absolute morality“ thing leads us…