The Case for Evolution


Let’s be honest here. If you read this, you are probably an ignorant amateur when evolution is concerned. I know, that I am. Biology was never my favored subject in school and I didn’t invest years to study it, which makes me ignorant about the field. And, if you ask me, this is one of the main problem with the whole atheist <-> creationists debates about evolution: Two amateurs try to convince each other. Which leads us to some important points, if you ask me.



Re: Jesus Christ is Our Infallible Proof


Sometimes Christians write postings and close the comments, which I find a pretty cowardly attitude. If they were so sure, no comment could harm their argument. In some of this cases, I simply use the nice possibility of a ping-back to make a reply, like in this case


Absolute Morality is relative


Let’s talk about absolute morality, again. Let’s assume that it exists. Let’s assume that there ARE things that are absolutely good, let’s say… killing people who work on saturdays…  and things that are absolutely evil… like being gay…. and absolutely doesn’t matter (neutral), like…. erm… keeping slaves… Completely random examples, of course, I am not looking at any specific religion here… (suuureee)… So, the big question is… How do you know?


Is absolute morality good?


Often in discussions with believers, we hear, that atheists lack any morality (false), because without a god, there isn’t any absolute being that defines absolute morality (true). But of course, instead of simply pointing out (again and again) that the lack of an absolute moral does not mean that we cannot find good (but not absolute) morality systems of our own, we can try to see where this „absolute morality“ thing leads us…