Absolute Morality is relative


Let’s talk about absolute morality, again. Let’s assume that it exists. Let’s assume that there ARE things that are absolutely good, let’s say… killing people who work on saturdays…  and things that are absolutely evil… like being gay…. and absolutely doesn’t matter (neutral), like…. erm… keeping slaves… Completely random examples, of course, I am not looking at any specific religion here… (suuureee)… So, the big question is… How do you know?



Christianity – The religion that doesn’t exist


Honestly, sometimes I have this weird feeling of fighting a hydra when discussing with Christians… You can chop of one head with a well placed argument, but two new ones will grow and each will shout „That’s NOT what Christians believe! Instead, real Christians believe… <enter some other strange stuff>.“


Is absolute morality good?


Often in discussions with believers, we hear, that atheists lack any morality (false), because without a god, there isn’t any absolute being that defines absolute morality (true). But of course, instead of simply pointing out (again and again) that the lack of an absolute moral does not mean that we cannot find good (but not absolute) morality systems of our own, we can try to see where this „absolute morality“ thing leads us…


Searching: Jokes about atheists…


Just a short thing I notice sometimes: It is quite easy to make jokes about religions – ridiculous easy, because religions are have many facets that are likely to provoke laughter when thinking about them, especially if you’re not a member of this specific religion. And I know many religious people who can laugh about their religion – not all of them are like Jorge of Burgos.

But, and that’s my point: I don’t know any really good jokes about atheists. Is it, because the only thing that atheists do is not to believe in god, which makes it hard to joke about them? Of course, we all know the lame jokes, that are just a variant of „and the atheist was wrong, god exists, bla bla bla“, but really creative ones? I don’t know any. But I would like to know. Honestly, give me good jokes about atheists and I’m the first one to tell them – to other atheists and believers alike. I don’t mind if someone laughs about me – and I also like to laugh about myself, just to remember myself, that I shouldn’t take anything – including myself – too seriously.

So, if you have good atheists jokes… Please, share them. Thanks.